~ September Song ~

Glassy eye reflects the trees
As swans dove-tail across
Autumn thrills with colored leaves
As well as velvet moss

On the shore I watch the show
So gentle and beguiling
At peace with whom and what I know
The day, away, I'm wiling

Summer heat no longer tethers
The nights, at last, are cool
One final burst, in autumn feathers
Indian summer, that's the rule

After that, it's harvest time
No time to wile or dream
Picking, cooking, canning time
So busy we could scream

For me, September starts the chain
Of family, friends and fun
What we once had, we'll have again
God bless us everyone

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008


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Midi "Secret Kisses" is used with permission
1998 Bruce DeBoer

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