~ The People In My Life ~

I've met so many people in my life,
Face to face and on the Internet,
Each holds a place in my heart,
And all of them, I will never forget.

I've laughed and cried with each one,
I've been happy and I've been sad,
But all in all, I'll never forget,
The times we shared, the moments we had.

Some have stayed with me,
And yes, some have moved on,
But even though they're missing,
They've left their imprint, they've left their song.


It's not everyday you find a friend,
Someone who genuinely cares,
Someone who really listens,
And someone who's willing to share.

To share their happiness and their woes,
To share their joy and pain,
To share the adventures in their life,
And share their losses and their gains.

But I seemed to have found that,
In all the people I've met,
These beautiful, wonderful friends,
The ones I met on the Internet!


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Midi Cosmos

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