I sit, here poised, with pen in hand
thoughts quivering in suspense
While I pause, pondering the wonder
of my lovely friend

Then, swirl by swirl I write
scrolling from my mind
I hesitate, then compose the more
all the beauty that I find

Words flowing, as a picture
unfolding color buried in my heart
Rhythmic music that I feel
of all that you impart

Your life an inspiration
overflowing from my soul
How could life withhold the river
of all the words that must be told

The depths of everlasting love
God has given us to share
Letter by letter, verse by verse
tell of all your care

Softly penned whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

For sharing your heart with me, I thankyou..
for now I just take in your
sweetness and dream of being there with you,
feeling like I am so special in every way,
you reach me with such delight


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 Midi by Yuko Ohigashi


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