"I am the true vine,
and my Father is the husbandman.
Every branch in me that beareth
not fruit he taketh away:
and every branch that beareth
fruit, he purgeth it,
that it may bring forth more fruit."
[ John 15:1-2 ]


~ The Weaver ~

You are the weaver, I am but the thread.
rather it be green, gold, blue or red.

You choose the colors for each part,
as you weave your love into my heart.

You are weaving a tapestry of my life.
It feels like you're removing the strife.

A wondrous vision you have given to me,
of just what you are wanting me to be.

Keep weaving me into your tapestry,
create in me, your perfect harmony.

Humbly make me into the Master's design,
weaving me onto the one true vine.

You, Father are the weaver and the potter,
mold me with your healing water.

I am but the lowly thread and the clay.
My life's geometry has begun to fray.

I want to forever be able to serve thee.
In places the world has ripped holes in me.

Patch me up with your divine love,
your unconditional love from above.

Mold me and make me after your Holy will,
while I am waiting on you remorseful and still.

Joyful Jan July 2010

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