is nature's way
of saying
"Let's Party!"

The earth
laughs in summer


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Seasons are
the Art of God.

Sunshine is
God smiling

The world is



Brought to you by 2006

~ This Way To Summer? ~

If you wanna' send a greeting
To your Aussie friend down unda'
Just remember that it's winter there
While you're reveling in summer

So...don't go on 'bout swimming
For they'll be all a-shiver
While you're tootlin' off in your RV
To go fishin' at the river

They're all chilly in Celsius
In nights below zero
While you're boiling in the hundreds
With Fahrenheit the way to go

So, enjoy your lemon squash
Iced tea and swimming pool
But when you're all sunbathin'
Spare a thought for down unda' shiverin'
While your heat is bountiful

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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