~  Through The Years  ~

First your life was very simple
A babe on momma's lap
Then came time for school
A handsome little chap

Then you really were
Right into childhood days
Getting a little sassy
If you didn't have your way

But now a brand new birthday
Is about to come around
You will be 13
For the high school years you're bound

On that trip through your teens
There's gonna be lots of change
You'll be busy with so much
Your life daily rearranged

You're gonna have a busy schedule
When the girls catch sight of you
Then you'll have to make the time
To spend time with a certain few

You'll have a very hard time deciding
Which one that you should choose
This is now the part of life
For preppy suits and shiny shoes

But then teen years will soon disappear
Before your very eyes
So make the most of everything
Above all else "BE WISE"


Betty Hill 2006


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