In this vast expanse of nothingness, just
Suns and planets and moons, with persistence
Spin and float like specks of dust
In a frenzied dance that's called "Existence".

More than grains of sand in all the land
Or drops of water in the largest sea
Are the incomprehensible numbers in a tiny band
From only one corner of our Galaxy.

And our Galaxy's not all that large
Compared to the giants in boundless space
The Milky Way could not discharge
Even the smallest job in a sizing race.

One minuscule blue dot of collected debris
Is circling an unremarkable yellow sun,
Infested with carbon beings so free
Who have the arrogance to claim,
 "We're the only one."

On the trillions of planets, I'm sure that one
Holds beings fashioned by God's own hand
To take our place if the words of His Son
Fail, in the end, to save this land.

So take warning, even though our world is small
And not worth very much, you see,
You better treat it well, one and all
It's all we have in this Galaxy.

~ by Dragonfly ~
2004 used with permission

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