I love how your heart loves to bless
With a fragrance from giving your all
Praying to be as God wills
To radiate Him all the more

I love how you glow with His beauty
To greet every one as they step
Into your life, a comfort to find
The blessing of His sweet content

I love how your soul overflows goodness
God's joy and beautiful light
Inspired to create, implant and express
All that brings purest delight

So when any neighbor, stranger or friend
Come walking each day up your path,
Sweet cheer and warm nurture
Pour forth from the depths of your heart

Soft whispers for Cyn from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

"F" is for everything a friend always is,
"R" represents the loving we can hold,
"I" is for eyes aglow with tender light,
"E" is exquisite, a heart of purest gold,
"N" is numberless tears shed in prayer,
   "D" is dearest you, the friend I truly like,
and in our Jesus Christ,
your blessedness will ever be
Always and forever "FRIENDSHIP"
To fill the heart of you and of me.

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