Our Aches, Pains and Woes ~

We have our aches, our pains, and our woes,
And, with God's help, we can cope with all those.
For there are others in a far worse condition.
So we'll smile, and we'll joke, and we'll sing.
And we'll do near enough anything.
So no one has the slightest bit of suspicion.

We'll give words of comfort and cheer,
To those far away, or quite near,
Who are suffering a stubbed toe, or a pimple.
We keep all our aches to our self,
Put our pains and our woes on a shelf,
And pretend we are well. It really is that simple.

For the things they least want to hear,
Is that someone whom they hold quite dear,
Could be suffering from so many ills.
So, we jolly them all on their way,
And we wish them a Wonderful day,
Then we sink back, and take even more pills !!!


Amy Hollesley March, 30th 2005


Midi compliments of Midi Haven


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