~ A Cowboy's Blessin' ~



When I'm a-countin' blessin's up,
Ol' gal, you are the first.
Yer with me in the best of times,
And right thar for the worst.

You've stuck with me thru thick 'n' thin
Along Life's windin' trail;
When I describe my love fer you,
Well, words kin only fail.

'Cuz from that fateful moment when
I first looked in yer eyes,
My soul went all a-flutter like
A thousand butterflies.

My spirit went a-soarin' up
As high as any cloud;
And sincet we've been together, why,
I couldn't be more proud.

We've had our disagreements,
Jes' like any couple will;
Yet even when our tempers flare,
We love each other still.

'Cuz even when we have a spat,
You know I cain't stay mad.
Why, yer the best durned Cuttin' Horse
A cowboy ever had!

©Roy Richards



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~Midi~ "againstthewind"
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