I've met someone on the Internet
I've known her for a couple of years
She has a heart made of pure gold
Her love for everyone is sincere.

She gives and gives, this is her nature
Most people call her "Derry"
She's also known as "Heartwhispers"
But I like to call her my "Derryberry"!

Such beautiful poetry she does write
But she shares much more than that
We've been exchanging a lot of e-mails
I just love it when we sit and chat.

Unfortunately she lives so far away
And we'll probably never meet face to face
Computers allowed our hearts to touch
And our souls to share an embrace.

We'll finally meet on the other side
And what a glorious time it will be
Our souls will recognize each other
Because our hearts forever hold the key.

So my sweet "Derryberry"
My "4evasis" you are
God has bessed me, this is true
You are my bright and shining star.

Chee Chee Martin 2006
Dedicated to my dear,
sweet friend, Derry Bloss!
Love ya sis!


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 Midi is used with permission
Bruce DeBoer

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