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~ After All ~
by: O' Puppy

So many years have passed between
The lovely sunsets I have seen
Then suddenly out of the blue
God winked His eye and sent me you

It leaves me lost and so confused
When most of my life has been used
And now as I prepare to die
I'm searching for some reason why

Why me, I just don't understand
What is the purpose of His plan
To send an angel to me now
It seems so very odd somehow

There was a time when I was young
I know just what I would have done
Had you and I met in those days
We would have loved a million ways

But all those years are memories
And all those dreams weren't meant to be
Now, while I'm on lifes downhill fall
You're finally here .. after all

Ronnie D. Shreve
2003 used with permission



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