I got my Sony Mavica FD-91 shortly before I took a trip to Europe in the summer of 1999. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures and short mpeg movies, both of which are featured on the following pages.

If you have a Sony Mavica and are debating on whether to purchase the Sony Mavica Printer, go for it! Everyone that has seen my pictures printed on it, tell me they are clearer than Kodak.

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Some of the first photos I took with my new Sony Mavica FD91 digital camera. See a cool Anfy Java applet that looks like the sun gently rolling over the flowers. You can also move the light yourself with your mouse. Cool! Birds of Paradise
The Sand Sculptures on Padre Island, 1999. Some really talented folks out there! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did. Sea Sculptures
Paradise Garden, photos taken after a sweet rain. My first MPEG VIDEO resides on this page. See the cool colorful bubbles background by Angel9oh7! Paradise Garden
Hurricane Bret at my house, August, 1999. Also an MPEG VIDEO of a squall in progress. Nice background of the palm trees blowing in the wind. The music, "Funky" by David Folsom. It was some funky weather! Hurricane Bret
Royal Horse Palace, the first page of my trip to Europe. Check out the MPEG movie clip of the changing of the horse guards. The architecture in Europe was fascinating. See some of the statues too. Royal Horse Palace
More of London, where you can see a lake applet of Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament at night, some beautiful statues and the rest of Big Ben. London 2
Canterbury, a beautiful cathedral with a long and glorious history dominates the city of Canterbury with it's size. Canterbury
Rodin's Garden in Paris, home of "The Thinker". Enjoy the beautiful gardens and sights along the way. Rodin's Gardens
Paris - Sunset on the Seine, photos of Paris during the day and from a boat on the Seine at sunset as the night rolls in. Enjoy the Eiffel Tower at night. Paris at night
Engelberg, Switzerland with it's snow capped golden alps! Awesome! Switzerland, Snow Capped Golden Alps
Tour Lucerne, Switzerland. Photos of "Lowendenkmal" and "Kapellbrucke" and some from the bridge. Enjoy! Tour Lucerne, Switzerland
The City of Lucerne, Switzerland with it's beautiful painted murals on the buildings. Enjoy! City of Lucerne, Murals & More
Cruise the spectacular Lake of the Four Forest Cantons as we make our way to the legendary Mt. Pilatus! The weather is great, the breeze is soft and there's a new view with every change of direction. Enjoy!

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