~ After The Storm ~

Watching from the shore
The restless rolling waves
Crashing all about me
Hiding liquid graves

When she's calm and peaceful
She puts on a master play
Every movement synchronized
Like a peaceful rippling ballet

I've seen her devastation too
Like a serpent loosed from her den
Waiting in silent fury
For a chance to strike again

Her heart is cold and deceptive
Her anger must be appeased
She swells to bring destruction
And then again recedes

Each time she throws a tantrum
It's called a brand new name
But her schizophrenic nature
Brings destruction once again

Then I start to wonder
As I view her water today
Why does she ever leave her banks?
Or bring murky water my way?

Now she's gone way too far
To ever make amends
She washed away my love and home
Along with so many friends

After the storm has ended
While standing on the shore
I am still wondering why?
When will she return for more?


Yolanda Cohen 2005


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