The heart knows not it's age
Though wise, matured, and sage
It knows when and when not to turn the page

The journey of the heart is never an easy road
At times it carries far too heavy a load
It loves and hates, laughs and cries
And when broken, it often dies

It may live to be a hundred
But it never forgets..
How once love's passion thundered

It has felt the loss of loved ones
Smiled at the birth of younguns'
Cried for joy, been used as a toy
It's been cheated on and lied to

But through it all it counts it's blessings
As it has weathered life's testings
It has learned how, and taught how, to forgive
No matter it's time here
It will continue to live, love and give

It is always willing to make a new start
Forever it remains the ageless heart

Bonnie Ray 2005




Set by Spiritisup 2005