~ A Little One's Tears ~

He stands there blankly staring
Through a foggy window pane
A tear slowly rolls down his cheek
And outside it begins to rain.

He feels so lost and all alone
You see his pet died just today
His dad silently watches him
Wishing he could take the pain away.

His mother hugs and consoles him
But his heart is breaking inside
So many tears are flowing now
Gently she dabs them from his eyes.

Her words are falling on deaf ears
As he cries uncontrollably
His dad takes him in his arms
And places him upon his knee.

"My son your pet is now with Jesus
You know he's being loved
Angels are always playing with him
In God's Kingdom up above.

I promise you will see him again
Jesus has told us this is so
Everyone's pets are waiting for them
I'm telling you this, so you will know."

"But daddy I really do miss him
He slept with me every night
He kept me safe from the boogie man
I wasn't afraid or full of fright."

"I know my son just how you feel
But Mom and I are here for you
When I was a boy around your age
The Good Lord took my pet too.

We'll pray tonight to Jesus above
I promise you, He'll ease your pain
I'll kneel with you beside your bed
And there I will remain."

Together they sit quietly
An occasional sob you will hear
The spirit of his pet is by his side
It too is shedding a tear.

 Chee Chee Martin  2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul



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