~ Alone With Jesus ~

When I arose today
I folded my hands to pray
When I asked Jesus for guidance
My candle glistened with brilliance

As I start on my way
I am reminded to obey
All that God does command
For my life has been planned

In work or play
I devote my day
To my Lord above
Who guides me with love

My protector from fear
His angels ever so near
With joy in my heart
I have a fresh start

I feel peace within
From remission of sin
Forgiveness is gained
As our Lord Has explained

Faith renews hope
So all can cope
With our daily tasks
We all wear our masks

But our Lord knows us
And we must confess
Every thought and deed
Has created a seed

Whether good or bad
Itís recorded on His pad
Written in Godís book
Would we dare to look?

Would we shutter or be glad
Of times shared we had
Were we selfless and caring?
Or just plain daring

If we change our ways
And prepare for the day
When God calls on us
What will we possess?

Our Bible teaches all
Be on guard for this call
We donít know the time or place
But we can do it with grace

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2005
Poet In My Soul

He who listens to a life giving
rebuke will be at home with
the wise.
Proverbs 15:31




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