~ Look At The Sun ~

When your life seems pointless,
look at the sun
When you are feeling worthless
Hurt by one who is being unkind
 Look at the sun,
For the sun always shines.

If you feel in your heart,
you have no friends
 Look at the sun,
it's the closest to heaven,
 When you feel tired from all your worries
Look at the sun and you'll smile again.

 I have found, you cannot make someone you love
Love you back forever,
Not even the closest family member.
Do not give someone the power
To make you want to give up on life,
Look at the sun
And change the way you think in order to get by.

Never let someone bring you down to their sadness
Always look at the sun,
The warmth will remind you of
The Lord And of His perfect love.
He died for our sins, do not let
Him down Learn to walk away from the pain,
Of people who hurt you again and again.
Come, look at the heavens, where the angels sing
Jesus is waiting for those
 Who reach for the sun.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written for the people who need God the most

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