~ Am I Passing By ~

Lord Jesus is this how we would be
Are we somehow passing by the truest love
Emotionless, shall we see Your gentle hand
Reaching from above

How can we understand, feel Your touch
In the beauty of Your heaven and earth
In the very breath of life
You gave us at our birth

Oh Father, is Your heart breaking
Are we walking by, within Your sight
How You must ache to draw us close
Out of this lonely night

Can we hear You calling
Whispering, entreating, please don't be alone,
Your love throbbing constantly
Longing for Your own

Can we find a wholeness, a fulfillment
In fleeting glimpses of a yesterday
How could we turn away, Father soften me
To hear all You clearly say

You cry from the mountaintops
And within a tiny flower bloom
You gave all You are for love of us
There is nothing more You could do

Yet, You wait, softly breathing
Compelling, showing us one by one
A little more of all we cannot see
Calling, Love Me, Love Me, come to My heart of love.

Softest Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

My name is not I Was
My name is not I Will Be.
My name is I Am
My Name is love

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