~ A Mother's Duty ~

My darling son, oh how I miss you
I look at your picture everyday
But Mommy is trying to make a safer place
Where other children can go out and play.

You see some people don't have the things
That you enjoy due to your birth right
I'm over here protecting them
And helping them to win this fight.

These people are afraid to live their lives
They don't dare venture out at night
Things are hidden in dark secluded places
Things that just might take their life.

I see a lot of little boys over here
So many have lost their homes
Their clothes are tattered and torn to shreds
They live in the streets where they roam.

It breaks my heart to see these children
I so wish they could have some peace
Their little lives have been turned upside down
All they want is for this to cease.

You see my son, they've never known freedom
They've never known any other way
They've been existing in a place full of hatred
I'm here so they can have freedom someday.

I take your picture out all the time
And I tenderly touch your cheeks
I hold you close to my chest, my heart
And I count the days and the weeks.

Then I will come home to you
And cradle you in my arms
I'll kiss your face and each finger and toe
And keep you safe from harm.

Chee Chee Martin 2004



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