~ Angel At The Door ~

I've seen the angel at heaven's door
Just for around ten seconds maybe more,
Showed me I was not ready to be allowed in
Said I could go back and redeem my sin.

Told me to look back at myself to see
To find the reason they still let me be,
"Go undo the harm you have done in the past
With kindness, care and love that will last.

Don't turn your back on the pain of others
Remember all are your sisters and brothers,
Follow the path that leads to the light
By helping others, you may set it right."

With time to think, I started to doubt
But as I looked at my past I figured it out,
Given a chance to shake off satan's chains
Now each step I take, is with less pain.

It was hard at first, this I must admit
But with heart exercise I became spiritually fit,
I was rewarded as I came closer to the light
Earning back true love and trust alike.

One day we will meet again at heaven's door
The angel and I, just once more,
I have tried my best, I will say to him
With what I have done, I hope he lets me in.

May the angel at the door let us all in :-)

Gary Salter 2005


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