~ Angel of Pain ~
by: O' Puppy

She sits in her castle
A prisoner of fate
In silence she ponders
For her prince is late

Without explanation
Her mind starts to roam
Will this be another
Night left all alone

The smell of vanilla
That hints of romance
From candles that burn for
A passionate dance

Fresh coffee is perking
The dinner is done
She stares out the window
For her special one

Soft chimes in the hallway
Remind her once more
The evening is passing
No knock on her door

Those dreams slowly fading
She walks to the phone
A ring soon confirming
She'll eat all alone

But her heart is heavy
No smile on her face
The candles burn down
Her dreams are erased

Once more in the darkness
The tears fall like rain
In sleep she surrenders
This angel of pain

Ronnie D. Shreve 2005


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