~ Do The Angels Whisper My Name ~

Do the angels whisper my name
Do they love me just the same
Do the angels cry as I walk by
Do the angels hold their arms out wide

Do they wrap their wings around me
Do they sing to me a lullaby
Do they kiss my cheek as I sleep softly in my bed
Do they remember all the things I said

Are the angels happy that I came to be
Will they open up the eyes of people that I see
Do the angels whisper my name
Will I suffer life in vain,
With no beginning and no end
Will I be loved by anyone
Will I have a friend


Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I want people to know the heartache and pain of someone who had no friends
This poem is a gift of life and hope for others to know and love Jesus as I do now

There are so many who live with grief.
If they can see I was pulled from the fire
then maybe they will be as well.
As Scrooge said "I am not the man I was"
There are so many different ways of being
healed. The best way, and by far the
commonest, is to be loved. To be loved by
God, and to know it and live it, is to be
healed indeed. The good news first of all
is that you and I are accepted and loved
by God. From all eternity you and I have
been in the mind of God. Godís love for
us is utterly reliable and has no
conditions whatsoever.
Cyril Brooks

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