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~ An Unexpected Visit ~

A fan is circulating the air around me
As I lay here and start to doze
My senses start to drift away
As a dream begins to unfold.

I'm soaring up to heaven above
I enter a room without any walls
It's filled with millions of unknown faces
Each person waiting to be called.

As I look around this great expanse
I'm saddened to see a child pass by
In my mind I know why she's here
But I exclaim, "Oh why did she have to die!"

It's then I hear my name called out
I'm led to a wonderful light
This light completely envelopes me
And whispers that something's not right.

I feel a love so encompassing
The kind of love I've never known
An embrace that was like no other
And a voice spoke to me in a soft tone.

"My child there's been a terrible mistake
It's not your time just yet
You have to go back and fulfill your dreams
Your dreams you must never forget.

All your questions will be answered in time
You have to return right away
The time will come when we meet again
But my child this is not the day."

I immediately awoke and found myself
Once again in my own bed
I was so consumed with the feeling of love
And I had remembered all that was said.

I think I was allowed to visit heaven
And the Holy Spirit had embraced me
I got a glimpse of a wonderful love
Our Father had allowed me to see.


Chee Chee Martin 2004


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