Apple pie harvest is a great time of the year
Scent of apples baking, children do appear
“Please may I have a slice of pie mama?”
Pies must cool children, and stop with all the drama

Later after dinner we will all have pie ala mode
Children do your homework; I’ll have our clothes sewed
Keep your marks up, so you’ll pass to the next grade
I know you like the goodies after you have played

A glass of milk a cookie too, and especially apple or pumpkin pie
We go through this every autumn, and your friends come by
Lucky we have a pumpkin patch, and an apple tree out back
Thank you children for picking the apples and filling your sack

This year will be different, because I’ll teach you how to bake
There will be chores given to all of you, and leaves to rake
You are all old enough to learn a thing or two, besides school
Then we’ll go to church as usual, and live by God’s golden rule

Thank you children, the dishes; and your home works all done
Now go and have some private time for play, and have some fun
Don’t forget to take your bath, and put your clothes away
Most important kneel down beside your bed and pray

Mom and Dad will come up later and tuck you in safe and sound
We thank our Lord for all of our blessings we have abound
Now close your eyes, dream sweet thoughts; tomorrow’s another day
The sun may shine, and if it rains we’ll chase the clouds away

God Bless all of you, we love you, and send butterfly kisses
Your angels watch, and protect you and sing pretty choruses
Now watch the sparkling stars, you’ll soon fall fast asleep
Our Lord watches over, and our souls he’ll always keep


Joyce Ann Geyer © 2005

This is how we know that we love
the children of God;
by loving God,
and carrying out His commands.
1 John 5:2


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