Asking God

As I sit and watch the twilight sky...
Hoping for dreams to come true.
A twinkle sets in my eye,
While wondering about you.

I sit and gaze upon the moon,
Please answer what I ask.
Hoping God will see me soon!
Send love to me, without the mask

Sometimes I wonder, do I ask too much!
With a heart so pure and true,
I ask for someone's tender touch.
Please let your light shine through.

I ask for a mate, who's loyal!
Loving, caring and such.
What we'd have, no one could soil.
I'd appreciate it so very much.

Prayers go unanswered for a reason.
Please answer what I ask of you.
Maybe it's not the time or season,
For a love that's forever true....

Diane M. Lamphere 10/2/2004





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