~ Ask Yourself ~

Did you ever ask yourself why you do the things you do
Is it to please yourself or to help others ..
When they are down and blue

Or is it personal satisfaction of a challenge to behold
Are you driven by a guiding light, deep within your soul
Does sharing a part of your life and passing on to others
Make you feel needed and blessed by the smiles
Of your sisters and brothers

You feel proud and can hold your head up high when others
respect and walk by your side freely for miles
To love what you do, the labor seems so mild
Your heart runs rampant like a pleased young child
To know your life was not in vain

You look back and see all the change..
One person can make a difference to others, if they try
With love and understanding, hold and guide them when they cry
And when you become old, you will never be alone
A part of you will be with them forever
As they remember you and your life's song


Rick Brent and Bonnie Ray 
Cherokees 2005


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