~ As Long As There Is A Sun ~

You have been there when hope was at a loss
Though seeing what was the ultimate cost
You believed in the man as he truly may be
Knowing his open heart helps yours to be free.

In my soul, I believe in the hope of life
Though it has been driven mostly by strife
Hurt with pain, is something I see as normal
Thus I stand with shoulder straight and tall.

As with all of us, when in a dire need
Friends like you come, our hearts with joy to feed
Sometimes I feel like crying, until I see you
Though it's not what you say, or even things you do.

But, just the joy of hearing your words of faith
And your belief I can handle all that comes my way
The tears seem to dry as we have our little talks
And a smile on my face, starts to come across.

The Lord has blessed me with friends so very true
One of the best, is when He introduced me to you
I found an angel when I really needed one
You'll be in my heart, as long as there is a sun.

Gary Salter 2006

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Artwork: My Soul is an Enchanted Boat
by Walter Crane

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