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~ As We Go ~

Tree-top angels winging brightly
There, atop the evergreen
Snow falls softly, gently, whitely
Paints a lovely Christmas scene

Twinkling lights of every color
Some still on, to greet the dawn
One-by-one they all grow duller
Mesmerized by morning sun

As the sun climbs higher, higher
Life, to diamond dust, it brings
Lit and sparkling by sun's fire
In the distance, church bells ring

Christmas morning is upon us
Filled with sights and smells and laughter
'Neath the tree, gifts wait to taunt us
First, to church - then presents, after

Christmastime is full of magic
Santa Claus and toys galore
For some, Christmas is quite tragic
For they are sick and weak and poor

To church we'll go and we'll rejoice
At all the blessings we've received
We'll thank the Lord and lift our voices
Remembering those in greater need

Wise men, to Jesus, brought their gifts
This story, I am sure you know
In turn, I think we'd be remiss
In not paying it forward , as we go

Faerie's Heartsongs
Tracy R. Cardinet 2008

May the blessings of the season reach
deep into your heart and live there,
always. Amen.












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