It was night and time for bed
We'd had our bath, but prayer's not said
We gathered around Aunt Grace
Someone must have bumped her head

She came up out'a the chair
Ready for a war
yelled to the top of her lungs
Don't nobody do that any more!

It scared me, oh so bad
My eyes began to open
Remembering what momma said
About how Grace was copin'

I bowed my head with all the rest
And softly said a prayer
God would you fix Grace's brain
At least while she is here?

I guess she's gonna stay here
So You better keep it fixed
So she'll stay happy
And love all 4 of us kids

I'm sorry God 'bout what I said
About her great big nose
If you'll please forgive me Lord?
and 1 more thing....Don't let mine grow!

Betty Hill 2007


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