Well what a good night's sleep we've had,
We all run about the house
But I noticed that Aunt Grace,
Was as quiet as a mouse

She just sat there in her chair
With a blank look on her face
Not really seeing anyone
looking deeply into space

I thought it may cheer her up
If I told who I was
So I perched myself on her chair
And said guess what? I'm Claus

Thump.... I landed on the floor
She did not give a reason
And I never said no more
I figured we was even!

Momma walked up slowly
to where Aunt Grace now sat
Time to eat my dear
Are you ready yet?

But Grace turned up her nose
And never said a word
She run like a kid to her room
That was all we heard??

After about a minute she mumbled
Please do not disturb
I just eat when I'm hungry
Or had you not heard?

A bit of time passed by
The children were out to play
She peeked into the kitchen
'Said'; I'll have my lunch for today

Ok dear, what would you like?
Something to eat she said
But is there any special thing?
Yes, I like jelly & bread

I fixed it neat and laid it aside
So I could wash her hands
But in the mean time Will came by
He had other plans

But as he was 'bout to bite it
Grace grabbed it just in time
Fix your own, whoever you are
But this one happens to be mine

Grace took a nap in her chair
Awoke so bright and cheery
Who are you she said
Do I know you deary?

Why yes you do my dear
I'm your niece Lulu
The children in the yard
Are your nephews too

Where have I been so long?
She asked, as she looked around
Oh, you just went for a visit
But now you're back in town!

Betty Hill 2007


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