It's so good to be back home
Where I can get some rest
That traffic on the trip
Sure puts you thru the test!

Tell me now the names
Of my nephews hon,
Well there's Hientz, Will and Claus
And Andy, who is one!

I left her in the room
Thumbing thru a book
while I checked on the children
Just a quick little look

When I returned
She was nowhere in sight
After searching everywhere
I finally got it right

She was sitting in her closet
Wondering who I was??
Why she was in there
And was she the cause??

In and out of memory
She stayed the whole day thru
She knew me for a minute
Then did not have a clue?

Little Will had noticed
So he said another prayer
Remember what I ask Lord
Keep her brain repaired!

Betty Hill 2007


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