I was in the kitchen cooking
When Grace strolled thru the room
attempting to clean the floor
Ask who are you? Hit me with the broom

Once I calmed her down
And she knew it was ok
She laughed at what she'd done
Then asked..forgive me? Please let me stay

I assured her things were fine
This was her home too
But before I was finished speaking
Claus had things he wanted to do

He spoke up so quickly
I could not shut his mouth
He asked her if she'd behave
While she lived at his house

I took him into another room
Trying to explain
Grace is here for good
He must not complain

After he'd thought about it
And felt so ashamed
He asked her please forgive me
It won't happen again

All the boys loved Grace
But could not quite understand
Some of the things she done
So completely out of hand

Was not her fault at all
Sometimes she was in la..la land
When her brain went out of gear
That it was never something planned

Betty Hill 2007


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