Momma was very busy
Hadn't noticed we were there
Peeping in the door
Laughing at Grace's chin hair

So we hurried out
to play a game or two
When momma called to us
Boys I really need you

So back inside we go
To see how we could help
Momma had dropped some things
she was putting on a shelf

What a mess was there
on the kitchen floor
But we helped her clean it up
before going back out the door

About the time we were going to go
Grace run stumbling thru the room
Scared to death of something
Asking" Where's the broom?"

As we begin to check it out
She hid behind the door
It was a little cricket
Crawling on the floor

That made us laugh
But then it made me cry
To see Aunt Grace so frightened
Of a cricket passing by!

Betty Hill 2007


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