Little Will who just turned six
Lost his first tooth today
It frightened him to see it bleed
But momma assured him it was ok

She explained to him
How a new one takes it's place
That made him feel much better
And he went in to see Aunt Grace

She had been asleep
Just a minute before
She lost her false teeth
And they rolled onto the floor

Suddenly Will realized
That Grace's teeth were missing
She'd shed them all at once
She couldn't talk but she was hissing

He ran out to momma
with her teeth behind his back
Ask real quick, mom if all my teeth fall out
Will they all still grow back

Why do you ask my child?
Of course they'll come back in
He then gave Grace's teeth to momma
And told her where he'd been

Momma took his hand
And they went to see Aunt Grace
Just in time to hear her say
Some thief's been in this place!

I went to sleep a while ago
and had every tooth I own
Now when I wake up
I find they all are gone

Will had not understood
What kind of teeth Grace had
And she did not know
They rolled off of her bed

Momma thought a while
Of how to get Will to understand
She told him they were store bought
That gave him a plan

He got into his piggy bank
And took the money out
Then hurried to the drug store
To buy one, for where his fell out

They said my dear
You wont get it that way
You just give it time
It will grow in there one day

Betty Hill 2007


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