~ Autumn Blessings ~

Standing here, near morning dew
A spindly spider spins its web
Thoughts of gardens, thoughts of you
Play inside my sleepy head

Seek the sun and seize the day
Feel the warmth wash over you
From my vantage point I'll pray
For all you think and say and do

Autumn leaves crunch under shoes
Smile and gather what remains
Summertime has paid her dues
Wind is whispering sweet refrains

Everything is changing now
Green to gold and, then, to red
Amazing how the trees know how
To cling to life -- and without dread

Rooted to the ground, they stand
Proudly raising limbs up high
As if to offer God a hand
Ever reaching for the sky

Let us take our cue from trees
Sturdy, wise and patient too
Let's not fret about the leaves
They'll return when winter's through

The seasons do such flavor add
While gently keeping track of days
Time rules all, for good or bad
Count your blessings, give Him praise

~ * ~

Faerie's Heart Songs
T. R. Cardinet 2010



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