~ My Grandson ~

Yes, as the birthday card says,
you are on top of the world.
Your youth, your ambitions,
your destiny to unfurl.

Never let it be said,
that time is passing,
For dreams of achievement,
take planning unsurpassing.

My wish for you,
cherished grandson of my heart.
Is begin that wondrous vision,
success is just a start.

Your dreams, your path,
are a part of a special plan.
For He loves you unconditionally,
guides you all He can.

My wish for you,
is never be discouraged.
My God, your God,
you're part of His entourage.

Call upon His strength,
His love so very great.
He's the reason for living,
He's Master of our fate.

I thank God for you,
a special young man.
Your smile, your understanding ways,
remember, He has a plan.

Marvel at the wonders,
the world and His spiritual sign.
Remember it is your God,
who completes the final design.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006


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