~ Birthday My Son ~

From a distance I looked upon the mountains
Blanketed with clouds,
Lying low, crying softly,
Tears flowing into the valley below,

This, my son,
Describes the feeling
When they placed you in my arms,
Fashioned in our likeness,
You were a wondrous work of art,
A phenomenal
Human life
Sculptured  by God

Your fists clamped shut,
Screaming as you
Entered this world.
Children are a gift of God
They are only lent
To us for awhile.
I cradled you 
Near my breast,
There you became
Comforted, quite,

Behold, my son.

It was a cleansing, purifying,
Moment as I beheld your
Radiant face
And time stood at ease,
Like a soldier
Whose labor
Had been
I stood in awe of 
God's magnitude
The vastness of God's

Feeling very small,
I observed unity,
A communion with heaven and earth
An immersion
Of relief,
I was breathless.

Perfect  Composition
Happy Birthday
My Son

anice Bumbalough Marler
  2003 used with permission


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