~ A Beacon In the Night ~

In the wildest storm, when everything looks white
And I have no idea which way it is to get home
All I have to do, is look up to the sky
To find the star and know I am never alone

The Lord put it there..

To bless me with the love of my sons, plus one-
The woman that came to be my soul mate
In a home I had thought, would never come
My belief in Him, was all it would take

The Lord gave me more, for my faith to Him-
Friends so very close, I can call family
They care what I do, they guide me within
So I can become, the best man I can be

All of this was like a beacon in the night
Guiding my life, showing me the right path
Teaching me the way, making clear my sight
By following that star, to a love that will last

Gary Salter ©January 10, 2005