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Bear with me as I will also do for you
Upon this lonesome earth
For yet we do not know
Enough warmth beyond our birth


So warm me now and I will you
With friendship's kindest bliss
For how shall we not know tomorrow
The loveliness we'll miss


Touch me now as I reach you
With caring for this day
For winter's chill can soon descend
And blow sweet sentiments away


Listen to my fears as I shall yours
While there is time to hear
For when life's pace sweeps us beyond
Then treasured moments will be dear


Speak gentle words as I shall try
Whisper words of peace and love
For in the sharing of eternal joys
We shall have a warmth enough

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Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005

True devotion is not doing something
no one else has ever done, but doing
what has been done countless times
with new life, new breath.

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