In the fall, Earth takes a nap
From the summer just before
Flowers lay dormant on the stem
As tree leaves land at our door

Even though life looks as if
It will not return, or mend
All earth's life just lay sleeping
Till Spring time weather comes again

It's hard to believe the miracle
Of life coming back anew
But God clothes each little flower
With beautiful robes of every hue

He gives all tree's new greenery
Blooming lush, and each unique
He brings the birds back to them
Building houses at the peak

If God cares for the precious flower
And He brings all life back again,
How can it be hard for us to believe
The same lies true for us, up around the bend?

Spring time holds such promise
Of much tender, loving care
Given by a God who's loving
With many blessings he wants to share

So, look up to the sunshine
And let it warm your face
Then remember life is given
With God's radiating Grace

Debbie Looney
Dream World of Inspiration




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