~ Belonging ~

Belonging to something
How does that feel?
Being needed, and loved
Is this truly real?

All my life I have searched
To belong, to fit in
Oh, I've felt it at times
Then it departs, in a whim

When I was a child
Going to school everyday
No one to befriend me
They just all turned away

I would end the school day
Brokenhearted, and sad
Walked home by myself
Feeling lonely, not glad

I've tried all my life
To get over that hurt
And find happiness somewhere
To find my true worth

Then something happened
When I was still, just a child
I was invited to church
My life was finally, worth while

I found Jesus that day
And I completely belonged
Felt joy deep inside
That had been hid, all along

At this point, I knew
I had met a good friend
Someone who loved me
Who would be there, til the end

Had I not met the Father
Who knows, where I'd be?
Because when this child was lonely
He loved me for me.

Written by Debbie Looney
Copyright 07/20/2008
(A true story)




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