Oh Jesus You stooped so low
You fell upon Your knees
Just for the love
The very life of me

Here I stand, dressed in my rags
Unfit to be Your bride
What love You must have
That me You sought to find

I am unworthy
My sin too great
Why lay aside Your glory
To cover my disgrace

You look on me with tenderness
I see the love within Your eyes
Can't I just be a servant
I could never be Your bride

I cry turn from me, don't seek my life
Yet closer You draw
As for my heart You plead
To love You all the more

How could I not respond to Your pure love
Oh Jesus, I will say I do with all my soul
For as I am, You died to set me free
You are the One that I adore

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

For God Himself speaks to our souls, in their deepest depths,
with increasing love as we are progressively willing
to be prepared for His wonder.
~Thomas R. Kelly~

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