~ Be Ye Ready ~

We are living in a time
Where people are forgetting God
They are falling into sin
His precious word they have forgot.

The hearts are growing colder
They are leaving off their prayers
They walk on so carelessly
Seems there's many who do not care.

But since the Judges have taken
The right to pray in school
And they hide the 10 commandments
Some don't know the golden rule.

As so much about our Lord
Has been forbidden in our land
We must move very quickly
Try to reach all those we can.

We Must do all we can
To teach the lost ones on our way
That they must start loving Jesus
And be vigilant and pray.

When the trials and troubles
Of a world that's turned from God
Begins to come upon them
We will leave this earthly sod.

But we have so many loved ones
There's no time to waste
Let us run forth and warn them
So they have time to join the race.

Yes, the evil days are coming fast
That was prophesied of old
That this world would one day end
And we can walk on streets of gold.

But we must be prepared
Have our wedding garment on
Waiting for the Bridegroom
When He comes to claim His own.

Betty Hill 2005

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