Beyond The Garden Gate

Within my garden gate, oh, that is what I know
Well, as much as I can see, all the loveliness that shows
That is just enough for now, God has given me so much
I love all of His beauty, I feel His gentle touch

All creation but a tiny glimpse, of the places where He is
The wonder yet to find, just a little taste He gives
For there beyond the garden gate, He offers so much more
Where weeds shall never grow, we cannot comprehend it all

There will be precious friends like you, that I will know in heart
How amazing it will be, to never be apart
Every sweetness we now share, just whets our appetite
For a time we know will come, when all is pure and right

Thus He gives a little at a time, to discover all He is
The door to more is opening wide, if we really want to live
Sometimes I almost long to go, to see, beyond the garden gate
Then God whispers, all of Me is in you now
Rest on Me my child, just wait

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Do not yield to the temptation of looking at everything at once,
as if everything would happen at once,
and all the events of the day be crowded into an hour
Do not thus forecast, but take each thing as it comes to you,
and look upon it as the present expression of the will of God concerning you;
then regard the next in the same way,
and thus receive your day piece by piece from Him
who remembers always, when He gives you work to do,
that you need strength to do it and you will have it, be sure of that;
Your business is with the present; leave the future in His hands
who will be sure to do the best, the very best for you.
~Priscilla Maurice~

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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell

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