~ Beyond Tomorrow ~

Beyond tomorrow I will live
As each day I will forever see
The beauty of God's world
Always close to me

Jesus knows all that will happen
He walks and talks with me
And shows me what to do
There may be tears
In all the years
But there is hope that I see through

As long as I have Jesus
As my dearest friend
Eternity can never end
The flowers and the butterflies
Will stay with me just as they are
In all these years that I hold dear
My life will always mend

Beyond tomorrow is more wonder
A golden touch of love
A gift that we are given
By the Son of God above
I will see a rainbow in the heavens
Run until I see my Jesus' face
If I pass along
Until I reach the sun
The earth may stand still
But I will be in my place

No one knows what's on the other side
Beyond the twinkling of the stars
I will be held by the King
Whatever happens that I do not know
There is one sure thing
Beyond tomorrow, I will smile
For I know, Jesus will keep me
All the while
In my heart I will sing


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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