~ Bitter Tears ~
The days of wine and roses
when you belonged to me
candlelight and romance
whispers in the breeze

Promises of forever
hearts to join as one
planning our tomorrows
hopes and dreams, of love

Silhouettes waltz, make shadows
'neath the silvery moon
mem'ries of our yesterdays
tiptoe 'round the room

The stars have lost their twinkle
'n sun no longer shines
the days of wine and roses
live only in my mind

Nothing left but mem'ries
and heartache deep within
I choke back tears 'n ponder
what ifs and could have beens

I should have seen it coming
but eyes refused to see
her venomous bite entangled
toyed with your fantasy

One day she'll strip you naked
take every bit of worth
then she'll find another
leave you in the dirt

Trust me when I tell you
your future's looking grim
one day you'll wake to realize
your life gone with the wind

Will you then remember
how much I loved you so?
will you still feel broken
when you're gray and old?

Suppose I'll always love you
like roses in the spring
but, also I'll remember
you stole my every dream

Rose Marie Streeter 2006

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