~ Books Of Wonder ~

Muffled voices are heard in the background
Shufflings of paper and an occasional cough
People engrossed in a volume or text
Librarian checking the books dropped off.

Books are a wealth of information
Knowledge for the inquisitive mind
So much offered at your fingertips
What you're searching for, you'll find.

Books of poetry are what I look for
But mystery and novels are there too
Whatever your heart or mind desires
It's there for you to scan through.

Inspirational books are for the soul
They will ease a troubled mind
They can help you traverse a rocky road
The right path they will help you find.

Books of adventure will tweak the curious
You can go to places out of reach
Just imagine yourself on a safari
Or lying on some tropical beach.

Books of mystery are for the inquisitive
Clues given, you will need to sift through
There will be problems you need to solve
Who did what and to whom.

Books of fantasy will widen your eyes
Mystical monsters and creatures of the deep
Guaranteed to stand your hair on end
All these things that crawl and creep.

Books of truth will enlighten you
The Bible is the one I live by
You can't go wrong if you read it daily
Your life, it will simplify.

So broaden your mind by reading each day
There's so much out there for you to learn
Go to your library in your town
And don't forget, these books have to be returned.

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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