The Price He Paid

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~ Borrowed Death ~

It seemed there was nowhere
For Jesus that day
So they borrowed a manger
His head there to lay
No room for the Christ child
No place there to stay
So they borrowed a home
Where the Wise Men could pray

Crown of Thorns

No village for Jesus
So to Nazareth they went
No money for travel
But gold, myrrh and incense
No workshop for Him
So Joseph's He used
But tools in His hands
Made furniture true

No food to eat
So He borrowed a meal
With two fish and rolls
His might was revealed
No home to keep
So where could He sleep
He had to borrow everything
Yet, all of it His


No life to live
For they wanted Him dead
So they borrowed a tomb
Just as He said
No death to keep
For He gave it away
He overthrew sin
In only three days

His were the people
That He came to love
His were the heartbeats
That gave Him the shove
His was the blood shed
That He came to give
He gave us His life
So we could live

Crown of Thorns

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Dying You Destroyed Our Death

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