~ Breath Of Heaven ~
When we think of heaven,
What lovely things come to mind.
A heart of joy, a bunch of fun,
A gentle touch
 of being kind. 

What then, my gentle Mumma love,
How do you sweetly dream.
Where do you imagine that I fit.
All along
how have I been.

Hold me always in your heart,
Your darling little fellow.
I will ever be your joy, delight;
As I was
  when down below. 

Could my love belong with earthly pain.
Should I grow to suffer so.
Such is my heart, tender is my soul,
Is heaven
where I ought to go.

Only joy I knew with you,
I felt but wonder there,
No shadow ever cut me through,
God took me home
while life was fair.

I never ached with lonely care,
Harsh words won't ever cut my heart,
Nothing stripped me of my love,
From you
I never had to part.

I thank you then, my Mumma dear,
For letting me go free,
You let me find what I had to do,
So I could
just be me.

Don't fear you did me wrong,
My angel held me by the hand,
He didn't let me hurt myself,
That's hard
for you to understand.

But no harm came near me Mumma,
You must know that I am safe,
Even though you miss me so,
Hold tight,
 eternal faith.

For I want you Mumma here,
So you can come and see,
The wonder of being with Jesus,
Is all you
would wish for me.

I am still close to you now,
For the arms that hold me tight,
Are the ones that hug you too,
We're close together
in your night.

God said you're the best a boy could have,
So I gave you bright-one love,
I was your breath of heaven,
Until angels
took me home above.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


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